Freshette is a revolutionary modern restroom alternative
designed to give women the freedom they deserve.
The world-renowned Freshette, the original urinary director for women of all ages,
is a must for outdoor enthusiasts, travelers and those with disabilities. The palm-sized
trough and extension tube are discreet and easy to use. Protect yourself from unsanitary
restrooms, wind, rain, cold, snow, insects, thorns, poison oak or ivy. Avoid the hassle of
wheelchair transfer in restrooms, wobbly positions when boating, or difficulty providing
lab samples. Nothing to wear, empty, or replace. The Freshette is environmentally
sound, feather light, reusable, and comes complete with its own custom travel pouch.
  Women in the military are benefitting from the convenience of Freshette.
  Freshette is featured in many adventure supply retailers, such as REI and Cabela’s,
    and is referenced in various travel books and magazines, such as “Europe Through

    The Back Door,” “How To Shit In The Woods” and “Car Living Your Way.”
  Freshette is used by most major Antarctic Expeditions.
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