From 1981 - Present
Freshette has been used by women all over the world, from
the North Pole to Antarctica. We invite you to join us.
Rock Climbers, Kayakers, Skiers, Hikers

“The best thing since the invention of the wheel.”      
Karen N.

“My son and I backpack and camp a lot so the device is very handy for me. It sure saves
a lot of grief during rainy weather.”
     Marilyn H.

“It is a great device. It went to Alaska with me – I wouldn’t have wanted to be without
it – all those wet toilet seats in campgrounds – yuk!”      
Elizabeth F.

“I am a very active woman who hunts, hikes and travels. Now I can do all my favorite
activities with confidence.”      
T. B.

“I am a Sani-fem user from 1984 – I never leave for a trip without it, especially
back-country camping trips.”      
Carolyn M.

“This is the single most important item I carried traveling over 12,000 miles in two years
on my bike.”      
Cecile M.

“At last, I have the freedom I always wanted when I do outside activities.”      Joan L.


“Being in the Army, it’s probably one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.”     Deborah S.

“This is my third overseas combat deployment as a Military Police Officer and this product
makes my life so much easier – I am able to just open a Humvee door, unbutton my
pants, and go.”
     Sgt. Tiffany B.


“Freshette is a wonderful product and I cannot imagine six to eight weeks in a body
cast without it.”
     Lubley R.

“When I broke my foot last winter, and couldn’t get to the outhouse, your product was a
life saver! Thank you!”
     Sue N.

“I recently had a hip replacement and your Freshette has liberated me. It’s a terrific
Margot R.

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