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The Freshette was recently featured on CNN.

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Our Reviews

Connie Isais
Connie Isais
OMG! As a gal that constantly has to pee (thanks to birthing two exceptional kids) this device has been a lifesaver. I've used it camping and while on the lake. In addition to the mom bladder, I have a mental block that won't let me pee while in the water. I know, I know, TMI, but then again, you are reading a review about a female urinal, what did you expect?Anyhoo, totally give this product 5 our of 5 stars and have recommended it to all of my mommy friends who love the outdoors!
Suzanne Cole
Suzanne Cole
The Freshette is my favorite thing I have ever purchased in my life. I have spent SO MUCH of my life in agonizing discomfort "holding it in." The Freshette has liberated me and given me a freedom I could only dream of before. The ability to quickly and discreetly relieve myself has freed and emboldened me so much that I barely even check to see if anyone is around anymore, so long as my back is turned. I tried four different FUD’s before finding the this one and it’s simple, foolproof design is the best thing out there. -Suzanne C
Michelle Kim
Michelle Kim
This is a total life saver for us, women! Freshette is a must have on those unpredictable road trips to Vegas where we are stuck on the road for hours without movement. My mother in law used to carry an empty coffee can for those emergency situations...LOL. Now Freshette has replaced that coffee can to provide more comfort and restored dignity for some of us. 😅
c grim
c grim
Purchased Freshette recently for a camping trip . We had a long drive and wanted to be prepared . This urinal was comfortable and easy to use . Definitely will recommend to my girlfriends and family . Will be purchasing more as gifts .

Product Benefits


Reduces difficulty with providing lab samples

leaves inside the box

Nothing to wear, empty, or replace

Man sitting on Wheel chair

Eliminates the need for wheelchair transfer

Lightweight Feather

Environmentally sound, lightweight and reusable

Protects Against


Unsanitary restrooms


Exposure to wind, rain, snow


Unnecessary contact with insects, thorns, poison oak and ivy


Trouble with balance on uneven terrain