Sports & Travel Freshette + 5 extra instruction/carrying bags


The Sports & Travel Freshette plays a vital role in standing to pee, requiring minimal or no undressing, and eliminating the hassle when restrooms are unsanitary or unavailable.

Includes funnel, 5″ extension tube, and reusable plastic instruction bag + 5 additional bags that can be used as replacements when needed.

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‘Go’ anywhere freedom! The Sports & Travel Freshette is a female urinary device, also known as a pee funnel or stand-to-pee device.  Offers a convenient solution – with minimal undressing – anytime getting to a restroom is a challenge: outdoor and travel adventures, music festivals, and even when recovering from injury or surgery.  The back edge of the funnel  collects residual drops with a forward swiping motion, eliminating the need for toilet paper. Includes palm-sized funnel, 5″ retractable extension tube, and reusable plastic carrying bag, plus 5 additional bags that can be used as replacements when needed.


  • Easy to use with layers and gear
  • Sturdy, rigid funnel offers leakproof seal
  • Minimal or no undressing for discreet and easy use
  • Minimizes exposure to the elements

Funnel specs

  • Width: 1 ½” by 4 ½”
  • Height: 5” (does not include the 5” extension tube)
  • Weight: 1.2 ounces; funnel is .75 ounces and 5” extension tube is .45 ounces


Additional Information

Funnel only available in olive green

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